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Want to let you know that I have my first appointment today @ 11am. I am nervous and excited. My mind is going in all directions! Will let you know the results.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Mary Sosa
Hialeah, FL

Thank you again for a great webinar!
Have a great weekend!

Amy Underwood
Palm Desert, CA

I just want you to know that as a beginner in this business I feel really happy to start my business associated with an organization that is trying to grow and help people. Keep the up good work.
Monica Borja
South Bend, IN

I had a page and a half of notes to follow up up on when I finished the webinar!
I want to attend ALL the one topic webinars also.
Thanks for all you do.

Betty Gardner
San Diego, CA

I have found the AAVBA is truly an organization that provides outstanding member benefits with training, active networking, and marketing VBA services to the legal community. I am proud to be a part of this organization!
Dee Medlin
Redding, CA

You are continuing to do an outstanding and wonderful job.
Thank you.

George Wynns
San Francisco, CA

I am impressed with the professionalism of the American Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and their commitment to Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants throughout the country. The staff is very responsive, and the training and support are top-notch. The value and benefits for the membership fee are outstanding and unmatched anywhere else.
Peggy J. Grangetto, J.D.
La Crescenta, CA

Thanks for your help Vikki. I've been very impressed by the way you have handled the webinars, keeping us informed and guiding us with encouragement. It means a lot!
Susan Guinn
Lake Elsinore, CA

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