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If you strive to be the best the AAVBA is right for you.

Join the nation's first non-profit national association serving Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants, and experience the hands-on service and support that you deserve.

AAVBA Membership is just $149 per year.

Becoming a member is easy - Click here for our online signup page and submit your information electronically.

Join to enjoy these great benefits

Expert information and caring, personal service
When you have questions regarding ethics, bankruptcy law, forms, we are here for you! Members also have access to our Email question and answer service.

Online Training
AAVBA offers step-by-step petition preparation training via online webinars. The webinars allow trainees to hear the presenter while also viewing the petition preparation in real-time.

The Association's newsletter, American Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant
Straight-talking, informative articles on the bankruptcy issues that interest you - published two times per year for members and industry friends.

All-States Virtual Bankruptcy Locator
Interested in providing "Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant" services? Post your contact information on our Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Locator. Our Locator is regularly visited by Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys throughout the United States. AAVBA members receive a basic Locator listing with their membership.

GetVBA.com Web Page
A subscription to AAVBA includes a personal web page. Your web page can be used on business cards and promotional material. Your web page will be located at http://www.getvba.com/YOUR USERNAME.

GetVBA.com Email Account
Request your very own GetVBA.com email account. GetVBA.com email accounts give users more than 6 gigabytes of email storage space, powerful spam-blocking technology, mobile accessibility and more...

And more...
Full-service web site with members-only access to valuable information. Log in as a member to shop for discounted AAVBA items from our online store, browse the latest bankruptcy law updates, review our searchable FAQs on bankruptcy practice, and more!

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PLEASE NOTE: AAVBA membership alone does not qualify you as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant.

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