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What is the American Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants?
Formed in 2007, the AAVBA is the first national non-profit organization formed to train the VBA in business development and bankruptcy petition preparation.

The AAVBA exists to support, service and network with VBA’s throughout the United States.

Where is the AAVBA located?

The AAVBA is located at 17915 Ventura Blvd. #214, Encino, CA 91316

Who do I contact when I have a question about:

  • Online Seminars?
    Online Training can be found on our website. Go to www.aavba.org and use the VBA Login form to the left of the page to log into the Members Area. You must be a Member of the AAVBA to access the Training Schedule.
  • Bankruptcy Updates?
    If you already own a license copy of Best Case bankruptcy software, the software will automatically be updated. For news on the current bankruptcy laws, go to News page.
  • Assistance with completing a Petition?
    The first contact should be the attorney you are under contract with. If it is a question on how to fill out the petition or where information should be entered, the AAVBA can assist. Our toll free number is 866-982-2822 (AAVBA).
  • VBA Luncheons?
    The VBA Luncheons will be held twice a year. Go to Upcoming Events page on the AAVBA website for current information.

How do I become a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant?
Decide you will commit to two weeks training before you sign up. Once you’ve made that decision, go to Members Area for the Online Training Session dates. You must log in to access the Training Schedule. It is only available to Members of the AAVBA.

Will I be notified to renew my membership?
We will send a reminder to email to let you know your expiration date is coming up

How do I register for Training?
AAVBA members are emailed an invitation to all Webinar trainings. When you receive your invitation, simply choose the time you would like to attend and follow the instructions on the link.

Will you do physical seminars as well?
Definitely! Along with the VBA Luncheons, we also plan to do Seminars and Training available in cities nationwide.

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