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Unlike some states, Notaries in California are required under California legislation to complete a background check prior to receiving a commission. Consequently, Notaries commissioned on behalf of the State of California automatically meet this requirement. The background clearance is currently carried out through the Department of Justice of the State of California.

If you hold a current commission as a California Notary Public and you are a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, the AAVBA wants to reassure you that you are authorized by the State of California to handle financial documents WITHOUT LIMITATIONS! For the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, this means copies of financial documents used to prepare the Bankruptcy petitions.

For the convenience of California Notaries Public holding current valid commissions, the AAVBA asks that you indicate you have met the background requirement of the Gramm Leach Bliley Act.

This is in an effort to show the Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys that VBA’s are responsible, reliable and trustworthy to handle their clients’ personal and financial information.

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