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What is a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA)?

Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants are skilled professionals who prepare bankruptcy petitions under the new BAPCPA Act of 2005 and under the direct supervision of Debtor Bankruptcy Attorneys.

VBA's are prepared with a licensed Bankruptcy software. In most cases, the preferred Bankruptcy Software is "Best Case." Whichever is commonly used in your law firm. Additionally, they provide their own equipment; (i.e. password protected laptop, DSL connection, scanner/copier) and any other required equipment and supplies.

The goal of the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is to provide a service where the attorney does not pay for lost time due to unforeseen circumstances. We are here, not to take away from your staff; but to reinforce it. VBAs have been instrumental in assisting Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys in successfully setting up their Bankruptcy Law Firm. VBAs get to know you and your business and contribute proactively. The assignments are done on an ongoing collaborative basis or "per petition." Also, they're invaluable to the attorney who needs a Bankruptcy Assistant "on call". The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is available to do emergency petitions at a moments notice. VBAs assist you with the Client Intake procedure. Once the information from your client is completed, the petition preparation can begin. The VBA requires copies of pay stubs and the Client Intake Form. The VBA receives copies of the necessary documents and completes the petition at their *Secure Home/Office (SOHO). You will always know where and how to contact your VBA.

Every VBA listed on the AAVBA website has a verified address, contact numbers, business website, email address and background certification. In some cases, VBA's also possess a Typing Certificate and speak a second language.

Please check with the VBA you are contracting. They are Independent Contractors, who run fully committed, legitimate businesses and as such, have their individual Service Agreements.

Rest assured, you are contracting with a professional. Most VBA's have 5-15 years experience in the corporate environment.

Aside from petition preparation, they are experienced in real world situations and know how to work independently and under pressure.

*Secure SOHO's (Small Office/Home Office) are equipped with security locks on filing cabinets, desks and offices.

What does it take to become a VBA?

  • Attend and participate in the 4-Part Introduction Series seminar
  • Attend and participate in the What is a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Beginners seminar
  • Attend and participate in Bankruptcy Terminology Seminar
  • Attend and participate in Client Intake Form Seminar
  • Attend and participate in Bankruptcy Petition Preparation Forms, Schedules and Statement of Affairs
  • Take and pass the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Certification Examination
  • Have Background Certification
  • Have Typing Certificate (optional)

What are the benefits of hiring a VBA?

  • Eliminate Bankruptcy Preparation time
  • Decrease Client Intake Interview time
  • Minimize repetitive phone calls to your office
  • Eliminate Deficiency Notices
  • Minimize associated overhead expenses
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