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Immerse Yourself in the Culture

What exactly does this mean?

There are several ways you can immerse yourself in a culture. You can learn the language, you can dress in the manner in which the culture dresses, and you can also eat the local fare.

For the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant this means learning the language of the Bankruptcy Attorney.

The only way you will truly know your prospect and your target group is to know them internally.

Preparing bankruptcy petitions is not merely the preparation of the petition. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk. You can’t expect to command the fees you want if all you’re going to do is data entry.

There will be attorneys who will expect you to take over. Collect documents, call their clients, prepare and file the petition. There will be other attorneys that all they expect from you is to input the petition. You never know what you’re going to get.

At first, you will need some help. But overall, you should know what you’re doing. You should know the Bankruptcy Petition backward and forward, inside and out.

When you first open your “virtual” doors for business, you should have a pretty good idea what you’re doing.

Even though we say to immerse yourself in the culture of bankruptcy, never be someone you’re not. If you don’t know the answer to something, answer honestly that you don’t know. Then proceed to find the answer. Whether it is on the internet, or through your bankruptcy training notes, or by calling a fellow VBA. This way, when it comes up again, you will know the answer.

One tip I want to give you here. If something does come up that you don’t know; and you find the answer, share it with a fellow VBA. I’m not saying it’s your responsibility to teach everyone, but if you share your knowledge with at least one person, you have extended that knowledge to one more person and that person will share it with another and another. You get the picture

We’re here to edify each other. If you keep all the knowledge to yourself, what good are we as an association if only one person has all the answers?

Every successful business person has gone on to mentor at least one person.

A while back, there was a movie by the name of “Pay It Forward” with Kevin Spacey and Linda Hunt. The movie is exactly about what I just explained.

Here at the AAVBA, we want to show the Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys that we stand together to edify the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant industry.
Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys have long been asking to see an association of this type. We’re glad to finally be able to bring it to them.

We expect to see good things happen for the AAVBA and for you. We cannot do it alone and we do expect you to do some of the work. Mainly, marketing your businesses and driving traffic to the AAVBA site. The more attorneys see us, the more attorneys see YOU!

Do all you can to expose the VBA Industry. Always in a positive light.

Did you know that when we approached attorneys about VBA’s, they had no clue we even existed! They didn’t even know what a VBA was!

In May, the AAVBA will have an Exhibit booth at the annual NACBA Conference. This is the largest gathering of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys in the nation. This conference is only open to Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and Exhibitors. This is a positive. All they are exposed to all weekend is Bankruptcy Service Providers. Everything a Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney needs to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Now, doesn’t that sound like you? If you are a VBA whose attorney is a member of NACBA, please tell him or her to stop by and say hello.

Talk about immersing yourself in a culture! Our presence there will definitely put you on the map. When I say you, I mean you, the VBA Industry. If they don’t know what or who VBA’s are, trust us, they will by the end of the NACBA Conference.

Once again, we expect good things to come from this. But we need your help. I cannot stress enough how important your marketing efforts will be. It won’t do you any good for an attorney to come to our site and see your name if you haven’t done any marketing.

I know as the day is long, that an attorney who has a VBA Marketing item on their desk and goes to the NACBA Conference and then visits the AAVBA website and sees that Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants’ AAVBA web page, email and business website will most likely be the first one called.

I marketed solid for about three months. I sent out hundred of letters. Just as I had given up hope, I got a call. This attorney had held onto my marketing materials for 6 months! Never, ever give up.

Of course, I’m leaving out all the marketing I did. Not only did I mail out letters, brochures, business cards, desk calendars, pens, I posted on the internet. I was on everyone’s forum talking about the VBA. I was on all the attorney websites. If I was able to “plant a seed”, I did.

The only way anyone is going to know you’re here is to expose yourself. So get out there and talk about the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant industry! Immerse yourself in yourown culture!

Until next time,
Stay encouraged!

Copyright © 2008 Virginia “Vikki” Watanabe. All rights reserved. Vikki Watanabe assists attorneys as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. Vikki is the Founder and CEO of the American Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants, a national nonprofit organization. She is also a Notary Signing Agent in Gardena, CA.

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